We Are Still Here

February 26, 2017




February 26, 2017

I speak to you now proud and brave, remembering the lessons my ancestors gave about acknowledgement and respect, the four races as they intersect. From the path behind us to the one that lies ahead, let us walk softly on the road we tread. Hold our heads high as we move along and thinking with one mind as we sing our song. We’re glad to say and we say loud and clear, through all of the sadness We are still here.

Missionize, Christianize, socialize, minimize, legislate, assimilate, economize, genocide.

The Power is the people, real people, all people…

Let us all stand together and eliminate the killing of our own kind (war)

This is the only way we can evolve as spiritual beings here on our mother earth. The real revolution will be the spirit evolution of humanity.

Let us heal ourselves and this will transform the entire planet as the earth will heal also.


Unity, Strength, Peace,


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