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We Are Still Here

February 26, 2017
We Are Still Here

      February 26, 2017 I speak to you now proud and brave, remembering the lessons my ancestors gave about acknowledgement and respect, the four races as they intersect. From the path behind us to the one that lies ahead, let us walk softly on the road we tread. Hold our heads high as […]

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August 20, 2014

  Please post and distribute. MNN. Aug. 19, 2014. Is Ferguson town the beginning of the end for imperialism? According to the ancient Zionist plan, the chaos is perpetrated by the puppet masters. When the people demand a solution, they come in and settle it their way. This is “ordo ab chao” in play. Their […]

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thahoketoteh interview on youtube

March 3, 2011
thahoketoteh interview on youtube

This is an interview done at Ryerson University last week it is 58 mins [Translate]

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Eagle Watch on Egypt

February 6, 2011
Eagle Watch on Egypt

from the Eagle Watch #109 February 6, 2011 Understanding Events in Egypt We at the Eagle Watch are not followers of  Eurocentric dogmas made by sons of rabbis 150 years ago.  Marx and Engels came here to see how our Ongwehonweh political systems worked and they were amazed.  Yet they called us “savages”, “barbarians” and […]

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